Mobile Pallet Strapping Machine

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Pallet Strapping Tools. A wide range of pallet strapping capabilities to meet your unique strapping requirements, automatic, semi automatic, manual, electric, mobile, vertical.

pallet strapping machine

Pallet Strapping machine

Mobile strapping machine allows you to bind the pallet without bending down. Just roll the strapping machine in front of the pallet, and then the belt will automatically pass under the pallet and pull up to the rear side and above the pallet. It is widely used for heavy products or pallets to reduce labor and improve efficiency. Suitable for pallet heights up to 2.5 meters.

Model: HPS4000

Sealing head is Optional

Size: 90 (210)*70*130cm

Wight: 100 KG

Voltage: 220V / 110V

Power: 0.5KVA

Reel core diameter: 40cm

Plastic tape Transmission speed: 1 m/s

36V Lithium Battery




pallet strapping machine



pallet strapping machine



pallet banding machine

Pallet Banding Machine

Model: HPS2000

Semi automatic pallet strapper, mobile, strapping tape can automatically traverse the bottom of the pallet

Size: 90 (190)*65*150cm

Wight: 155 KG

Voltage: 220V / 110V

Power: 0.5KVA

Reel core diameter: 20-30cm

Plastic tape width: 0.9-1.6cm


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