Automatic clothes folding and bagging machine

Automatic folding, opening bag, bagging, sealing, stacking.

Self folding clothes machine, the machine can automatically complete the clothing left and right one folding, longitudinal one to two folding, automatic bagging, automatic sealing, and automatic stacking, packing.

automatic clothes folding machine


Suitable for T-shirt, shirt, trousers, coat, dress. Both thin and thick clothes are suitable.



Item Parameter
Model HCF518
Machine Size 6500*1100*1500mm
Clothes Length 400 ~ 1300mm
Clothes Width 300 ~ 1000mm
Bag length 280 ~ 500mm
Bag width 200 ~ 430mm
Packing Speed 600 Pcs/Hour
Voltage AC 220V
Air pressure 0.5 ~ 0.8 Mpa

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