Autobag machine, Automated Packaging Systems

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It efficiently bag and seal your products, automatic printing and pasting labels, automatic sealing. Suitable for postal parcel, clothes, small packet and other products.

With a user-friendly display that enables easy access to operating parameters, set-up, storage.

Poly bags are automatically indexed, loaded by hand, then sealed automaticlly.

Parcel packing machine

Autobag machine, Packing, printing, labeling

Autobagger with printer, automaticlly seal, print, label. With bag width adjustable device, it can cover bags of different widths. Automatically dock e-commerce orders or enterprise ERP or WMS systems.

Model: HAP288

Size: 125*120*128cm

Wight: 150 KG

Voltage: AC220V, 50/60HZ

Power: 1 KW

Bag length: 15-60cm

Bag width: 10-50cm

Packing bag: PE Bag Roll

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autobag machine
autobag machine

autobag machine

Autobag machine, tabletop model

Model: HAP180

Autobag, Tabletop design, Without printer, automaticlly seal, label. Bag width is adjustable.

Size: 90*75*63cm

Wight: 50 KG

Voltage: AC220V, 50/60HZ

Power: 800 W

Bag length: 15-60cm

Bag width: 10-40cm

Packing bag: PE Bag Roll

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