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6 dof motion platform

The 6 dof platform is composed of six servo electric cylinders, six upper and lower universal hinges (Hooker hinges), and two upper and lower platforms. The lower platform is fixed on the infrastructure, with the help of the telescopic movement of six servo electric cylinders, the movement of the platform in six degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, α, β, γ) in space is completed, so that various spatial motions can be simulated attitude.


The 6 dof platform can be divided into two categories according to its purpose:

A, dynamic platform for simulation,

The effective load range of the dynamic platform for simulation is 0.25 to 20 tons. These simulation dynamic platforms control the movement of the platform by receiving the status signal from the upper controller, and are widely used in various training simulators such as flight control simulators, Ship control simulator, helicopter control simulator, tank control simulator, car driving simulator, train driving simulator, earthquake simulator, dynamic cinema, entertainment equipment and other fields.

B. Platform for precision positioning test

The effective load range of the multi-degree-of-freedom platform for precision positioning test is 0.5 tons-50 tons, and the position positioning accuracy can reach 0.02mm. It is widely used in various vehicle attitude test equipment, flight attitude test equipment of aircraft/missiles and other aircraft, as well as the docking of spacecraft and the refueling docking of aerial tankers. At the same time, the use of multi-degree-of-freedom precision positioning mechanism can be made into high-stiffness, high-precision multi-degree-of-freedom processing machinery and assembly manipulators (such as six-axis parallel machine tools and parallel robots, which are widely used in various complex special processing and complex assembly (such as Aircraft assembly and satellite assembly).

6 DOF platform features

1. Fully digital closed-loop servo control, professional multi-axis motion control card to ensure smooth motion and high simulation, reduce dynamic drift and distortion.

2. The new modular combination and free and flexible system integration can meet the different needs of customers.

3. The combination of high-precision, high-rigidity electric cylinder drive system and platform ensures the high rigidity and high efficiency of the platform system.

4. Multiple mechanical and electrical safety protections ensure the absolute safety of the platform system.

5. High response, high speed, high acceleration and low noise, meeting the requirements of various operating environments.

6. Visible and friendly man-machine interface, easy to set and simple to operate.

7. Save energy, protect the environment, avoid maintenance, and have a long service life.

Composition of 6 DOF platform systems

A. Motion platform control system

Including: control cabinet, industrial computer, multi-axis motion control card, servo driver and wiring, touch screen, etc. It adopts full digital control technology, menu-style modular man-machine interface, concise and clear parameter settings, and multiple electrical control protection procedures. It uses network communication with the upper controller, UDP protocol, and a built-in sports energy optimization distribution system to improve energy efficiency and reduce system energy consumption.

B. Servo electric cylinder (electric actuator)

The servo electric cylinder is a high-precision and high-reliability electromechanical integrated transmission component composed of a servo motor and a high-precision transmission screw (ball screw and planetary roller screw). Our self-developed and designed servo electric cylinders are high-performance and high-reliability servo electric cylinders specially developed for electric platforms. It adopts servo motor control to ensure that the motion platform has high speed, high response and high precision. The multiple safety protection functions of the electric cylinder ensure the safe and reliable operation of the platform. Low noise and maintenance-free make the electric cylinder platform can be used in any occasion.

C. Platform structure

The electric cylinder and the upper and lower platforms are connected by Hooke hinges, which have smooth and smooth movement, good rigidity, high strength, and maintenance-free. The platform has reasonable structure and high rigidity, and can be designed and checked arbitrarily according to customer requirements.